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What's The Most Creative Thing You Can Do With Oregano?

Well I could Sprinkle it upon 2pac's last album in disgust then roll it into a joint and smoke it with the Luniz and run when they try to beat my ass then I could give a little to Sam Sneed and Dre so they could pedel it on the streets to support themselves during this oh so trying time. Then I could send some to X-Raided and laugh at him for his stupidity. John Trotman

One time I smoked some Oregano out of a bong because someone told me it smelled like weed, well it did and it took an hour for me to get the smell out of my house. Anyway I would make a sculpture of a "freak of the industry" with some oregano or I would just do all the things from the song with a real honey except ther would be no "whipped cream & cherries" just oregano. Peace. Kevin Bristow

Trust me, this really works. If you put some Oregano in your Wheaties they stay crunchy!!! Really! Peace

El Surround

You could make a phat spaghetti sauce.
You could write a rhyme centering around oregano. A sample:
Today I'm commin original
makin a fly rhyme with Oregano
I bet you didn't know
the word could be used in a flow

could even use it backwards
Onagero sounds pretty fly to me
I'll let you use it
don't even have to pay a fee

You could even split it up
make a funky ass line
I'm Off Restrictions Elevating Game
And Navigating Over this funky rhyme

If you want something real creative, you could use Oregano to split the atom. It probably wouldn't work, but it's a creative idea. You never know about the hidden power of Oregano!

Ryan Venson

selling it as dank to lil' punks and then watching them smoke it and act all silly and high saying "damn this is some good weed"

Aztec Assassin

My friend found a pack of zig-zags once. So he got some oregano, put it in the zig-zag and smoked it like it was a joint. He doesn't smoke weed or nothing, he was just fucking around and put oregano in a zig-zag.

Steven Moreno

Fist of all mix it with some super weed. When put it on a pizza no alot of pizzas and make a funky azz pizza party. Where peopel is dancing pizzalambada. And are so fucking high that Buchwick Bill looks like Shack. Pizzalambada is the Oreganofunk.

Lars K Hansen

Sell that shit to baseheads and litte thirteen year olds who don't know shit!

Damon Johnson

According to the gang at "Cheers", it's a good aphrodesiac. This help those of us who don't need to use them sex packets.


Yo, I would take a cup of oregano and dice it up and pound it until it's a fine powder. Then I would sprinkle that shit into some fat ass Hindu Humbolt Greenz. And THEN I would drop it off via cessna airplane in Washington, D.C.-- in that fountain by the Lincoln Memorial where the DEA picks up the president's private stash. Bill would smoke my shit, and of course Hillary would be creepin at night to steal some for herself. She would be sprung offa my shit, and be all on mine to get some mo'. I would then have control over her, and you what that means... CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATES! And it all started with some dank and a cup of OREGANO.

Pale James

The most creative use for oregano is to make a special cologne to attract pasta-loving fat women. i'm working on the formula right now.

mat chakko aka dr. funkenstein

Beet fiends be beggin yo kick some oregano flow , sprinkled so nice over Technics' device I sautee phat beats on the turntables with the special flava brought to you only by oregano. -fenster2x digital - you guys are the bomb. free your mind and your ass will follow! peace.

Put it in your underwear and call yourself "SPICY MIKE".


I think the most creative thing you can do for oregano is put it in a bag, mix it with tobacco and some cloves and it would look like weed, and then sell it for a high price and rip someone off. Jimmy Kriner

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