Eddie Murphy Is Back!

I've long been an Eddie Murphy fan...and I've been waiting patiently for him to return to a point where the rest of the world would have to give him his props for being a comedic genius. . In his last few flicks like Vampire In Brooklyn he was lambasted.. Eddie Murphy was considered washed up and over the hill...Me personally, I always enjoyed his work..

Nutty Professor vindicated me.. He show and proved what I always new, Eddie has mad skillz. For those who haven't seen the movie..definitely go and see it.. First the story line about an overweight Professor trying to find love is great. Second, Eddie playing 7 different roles ranging from Richard Simmons to his grandmother his phenomenol. He blew up.. He took things to the next level.. I also have to say the special effects in this flick were also good.

So what's the Nutty Professor about? It about this kind hearted overweight Professor who is working on a formula to help people reduce their weight. He falls in love with a beautiful collegue..[Jada Pinkett] and the Professor winds up taking the formula after being ridiculed in a night club about his weight. By the way that part of the picture was so sad and will make you think twice about making fun of someone... To make a long story short, Professor Klump drinks this weight reduction formula and is transformed into this outrageous, flamboyant character named Buddy Love.. This is where the story gets good.

Buddy is actually Eddie Murphy in all his splendor... He's the Eddie of old...He'll remind you of the Eddie Murphy of the Saturday Night days. This Buddy Love character wishes to stay and be forever rid of the Professor Klump character... The kind hearted Professor wants to be himself... and that's the general gist of the story.. I hope you follwoed that? If not email me and I'll gladly answer your questions :)

I'm just gonna say this and then I'm out.. Go see The Nutty Professor... It's the bomb.. You'll laugh all day...

Davey D
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