If I Ruled The World [Columbia]

What do you get when you combine...a dope emcee, the singing prowess of The Fugee's Lauryn Hill and the back beat of the Whodini classic 'Friends'..? You give up?
A song that'll take you to the next millenium. A song that'll have you humming the hook hours after you heard it... A song that commercial radio will probably play 20 times a day and you still won't get tired of it. This new song by Nas entitled 'If I Ruled The World' has perhaps put this talented emcee in the music spotlight where he belongs. He has illustrated what a dope rap record that can appeal to the masses should sound like while still being the ultimate head bobber at an underground hip hop party.

The track has all the incredients...The production by The Track Masters is off the hook...DJs will love this record to mix... Heavy drum beats that'll get the party started. It's arranged beautifully... Nas is on point.. and Lauryn is singing her ass off. ..
I can't say much more about this jam except that is probably my favorite cut out right now...And I can only encourage you to go peep it for yourself.. It's destined to be a classic...Oh yeah by the way Nas's lp should be droppin' sometime in the early part of July...

Davey D

How do you like the new Nas joint?