Mykill Miers

'It's Been A Long Time Coming'

[Black Berry]


Rough, Rugged and Raw...Mykill drops lyrical bombs and sends weak emcees back to the lab...Sizzling lp... r

Mykill Miers is one of those unassumming cats who folks tend to underestimate. s He's not fancy, doesn't have some outlandish personab and he isn't very controversial. However, once a mic is in his hand, he lays fools out left and right. Couple that with some non pretentious beats and you have a dope ass album that clearly reminds you what Hip Hop shoulkd ideally be about.. Tracks like 'Don't Test', 'Rock The Mic' w/ Freddy Fox, 'The Illest', 'Doing My Thang' and 'Triggenometry' all get high marks..

Mykill also brings some nice introspective cuts like 'Bigga Brother' and the title cut 'It's Been A Long Time'. Overall this humble individual who really got known through his frequent appearances on the Wake Up Show is someone worth listening to...

Davey D

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