FEB 11 1996

Written by Davey D
Yo! Whats up folks... Lots of good stuff coming down the pipe that"s definitely making "96 look like a banner year for music...My biggest hit thus far comes from the Fugees.. Their new album.."Score" has just dropped and to say the least it"s dope.. If you"re atrue hip hop head..get that lp... Well anyway..on the lp is the ultimate hip hop remake of a classio song.. Lauryn Hill sounding like songstress Roberta Flack..takes her song "Killing Me Softly" to a new level.. A funky bassline compliments her superb singing..Folks trust me this song alone makes the lp worth getting.

I got a chance to peep 2Pac"s new lp entitled "All Eyez On Me"... Folks its phat as hell.. It has that West Coast funk feel to it... and Pac comes with it...All critics step off.. cause 2Pac is town ready to fulfill his promise to Death Row CEO Suge Knight... By the time Pac"s lp is done..he"ll have the entire planet knowing who he and Death Row is...My favorite tracks on the lp is the cut he did with E-40, C-BO and Richie Rich.. These are all Bay Area artists in case ya didn"t know. He also has a great track with Rappin" 4Tay.. who is another artist from the Bay.. Now I know You"re asking yourself.. why I"m not giving the song titles.. well it"s because I forgot the lp cover... so I don"t recall... But shouldn"t matter..cause the lp is phat.. and you"ll be bumping all 28 songs before the month is out..
An unusual aspect to the marketing of this lp is that Suge Knight had decided that 2Pac is gonna be so large that there"s no need for promo copies to go out to djs and retailers... Everyone has got to buy a copy... I got mine free.. But that"s another story...

Coming outta the E-40 and The Click Camp is the long awaited solo lp from E-40's sister Suga T... Her lp is impressive as she definitely earns her title to sit amongst other Bay Area Hip Hop Queens. Entitled "Paper Chasin" [4Eva Hustlin"], this 13 song lp is filled with that Vallejo style mobb music that the Click and company have made famous.. Suga T is alonside other female artist like Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill and others in the sense that she sings as well as raps.. For those who like the rough and rugged stuff, Suga T brings it, especially when she alongside fellow Bay Area artist The Conscious Daughters spit game on their song "Hustlin" 4 Life". Other tracks worth checking include.. "The Playas Changed", Suga Daddy and "What U Go Do". '96 is definitely the year of the Click family... who thus far have seen their first two lps go gold.

Anyway that's it for this week...until next time
Davey D

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