Music News
January 18 1996

....California Love continues to reign supreme in these here parts... It may be a while before it falls off... so folks move over and take a seat.. Another track thats starting to garner some support is Big Noyd's Recognize N Realize.. This particular cut has a serious Wu-Tang flava to it... coupled with a drivin' beat that'll definitely have your head bobbin'. Unfortunately the track ain't gonna be released for a while if at all... The good folks over at Tommy Boy are gonna release it as an album cut...
Another track that folks may not wanna sleep on is "Metro's Theme" by All City. This track has a serious underground buzz among hip hop headz.. so folks be on the look out.
Finally Doug E Fresh's jam The Original Old School is something to really behold... Featured on this track are all the original pioneers who help architect this thing we call hip hop. Included on the track are The Furious Five, Fantastic Romantic Five, Cold Crush Brothers, DJ Hoolywood and Lovebug Starski.. The highlight of the jam is when the Cold Crush Brothers break into their famous Cat's In The Cradle routine.. It was a mainstay back in the late 70s in the Boogie Down..Anyway folks .. we're out until next week..
Peace and all dat..
Davey D

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