Mission Impossible
Was Off The Hook

Yo I really enjoyed this film... At first I was a bit skeptical because none of the old stars were in it.. I was hoping to see my man Barney... and the real Mr Phelps.. But I have to give it to Tom Cruise..he pulled it off...This film had all the right ingredients...There was a good plot that had you guessing till the end...There was a lot of suspense..no gratutious violence..and things seemed plausible...

The end scene where they had the helicopter chase was dope..And the acting was pretty good.. I don't have much more to say..Perhaps they could've had a couple of sex sceness [just kidding]... But seriously..to me Mission Impossible definitely lived up to it's hype...
Give this flick 5 thumbs up..one snap and a jerry curl kit :)

Davey D

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