A strong album..Very progressive..Off the hizzie..
Will keep your head boppin'..A few steps ahead of it's time..

San Francisco's Midnight Voices take some bold steps which results in an album that clearly shows just how progressive and powerful hip hop can be...

'Howling At The Moon' is by far the best of their three albums.. It reflects the duo's musical growth.. Their beats are dope.. and it reflects the years they spent honing their lyrical and theatrical skillz.. Unlike most artist Mohammed Bilal and Will Power push the envelop by spitting various rhyme styles.. It's like the rap the part of the characters they are talking about...This is demonstrated in songs like 'Old Man', and the bluesy 'L.N.B.C. Blues'.

The music is off the hook because as it always fits the mood they are trying to create... I really can't say enough about this album.. It's definitely a breath of fresh air during a time of rehashed songs and mediocre remakes..Strong songs to peep include 'Bohemians', 'Lust For Life', my personal favorites 'Dreadlocks To Jheri Curls' and 'Beware Of The Day'...

One thing I like about the album is that Midnight Voices allows the entire package which includes their lyrics, beats, look and total vibe to be embraced by the listener.. In other words they're not trying to out rap the best rapper on every song.. In fact they quite often step back and let you vibe to the music they've created.. Tracks like 'Howling At The Moon' and the jazz flavored cuts like 'Fathers Anthem','Fluid','Genius' are good examples...

Overall Midnight Voices brings the noise in a major way and they succeed in being a few steps ahead of their time....

Reviewed By Davey D

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