Don't Be A Menace... Is A Menace
The full title of the newest flick from the Wayan Brothers is Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.. The premise of this movie which is to parody all the 'Growing Up In The Hood" type flicks is a good one. Unfortunately, that good concept doesn't necessarily translate over to this being a good film.

The problem with this flick is it stops being clever after the first 15 or 20 minutes. When you do parody type movies, you have to be real clever. You have to dig a bit deeper to pull out some of nuances and subtleties that separates mediocrity from dopeness. The Wayan Brothers didn't do that in this flick. Yes it certainly had its funny moments, but I feel these guys were relying upon the everyday humor in the hood that many of us are familiar with to get over.. What do I mean by this?

Well once upon a time when seeing a Black comedian in the mainstream was a rarity, we eagerly applauded and laughed along with whomever was on stage. After all it wasn't everyday you saw yourself up on the big screen getting busy. When In Living Color first aired we laughed are asses off.. because the Wayan's brought are everyday life experiences from around the way to television... But after the smoke cleared and we got used to seeing and hearing Black humor in that context. After all the HBO Def Comedy Jam Specials and Rap Videos and BET Comic View shows, many of us have started to demand more. It's now a time where the men will separated from the boys. In other words everyday Black humor from around the way ain't getting over.. Comedians who employ this type of style have really got to come with it.. Otherwise it'll be wack..

Don't Be A Menace.. took a lazy turn a half hour into the movie..and all the tried and true Black jokes grew stale. It stopped being funny.. In addition all the negative stereotypes and yes I knew they would be there because of the movie..They grew first weary and then bothersome after a while.

My Recommendation.. Try and see the flick for free like I did.. If you pay.. Y'all be asking for your money back.. If you bring a date, she may sue you for wasting her time. To Wayan Brothers.. You guys have much talent...lots of talent.. Dig Deep and come with the funny stuff...
reviewed by Davey D

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