Way Too Many Filler Songs
He Doesn't Leave A Lasting Impression

McGruff's album is an interesting one to say the least.. I don't get a feel for who he is and what he's about.. There's no rhyme or reason to his new album 'Destined To Be'.. He has some pretty cool songs..most of them are either on the commercial tip.. meaning he's rehashed popular tunes or they just seem like filler songs.. Examples of him rehashing popular tunes are in songs like 'Before We Start' which features Tanya Gardner's classic tune 'HeartBeat'.. Some of you newcomers may know the tune because De La Soul used the track in their song 'Buddy'... 'This Is How We Do' is another non impacting song which resurrects the Spoonie G classic 'Spoonie Rap'.. Mr Cheeks from the Lost Boyz is also on the track.. however, I don't think he adds much...

McGruff suffers from having too many filler songs..Cuts like 'Rappin' Uptown' with The Lox', 'Many Know', 'What Part Of The Game', and the piano ladden 'Harlem Kidz Get Biz' don't too much except take up space...

I'll give it to McGruff on two songs inparticular; 'What Cha Doing To Me' and 'What You Want'.. In the first track.. McGruff with the help of producer Heavy D samples from the Spinner's classic jam 'Could It Be I'm Fallin' In Love'.. This song has potential to break into the commercial/radio arena and bring some attention to McGruff.. The other track.. 'What You Want'.. is also along the commercial tip. This one is more laid back and mellow.. A nice cool out, hip hop love song of sorts... Overall McGruff leaves the listener with no idea as to who he is as an artist.. He seems very generic with a couple of good songs.. Maybe if he succeeds in getting played on the radio with one of commercial tracks I might begain to feel him more.. But for now.. I gotta give this album a C+

Reviewed By Davey D

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