Master P
MP The Last Don
No Limit

A good solid album from Master P
A heartfelt ..bluesy type LP..

To be honest when I first heard that Master P's last album was gonna be a full fledged double lp.. I thought he wouldn't be able to pull it off.. I just felt that he would have an lp filled with some good songs seperated by a lot of 'filler' material.. After all, that had been the industry trend as of a late.. Everyone puts out a double album and one of two things happens.. Either we grow tired of hearing the same ole voice for 25 songs or the album has a bunch of substandard material.. I have to admit Master P does not disappoint on 'The Last Don'..

The first lp. which is the redside'..contains some solid, Master P material.. If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed.. It kicks off with a strong song from Master P and Bones Thugs & Harmony called 'Till We Dead And Gone',.. He follows that up with a slammin' track called 'Soldiers, Riders and Gs'.. It features the vocal back up from Mystikal, Silk The Shocker and Snoop Dogg.. Another standout cut is 'Get Your Paper' which features E-40.. hear you have Master P flowing over some mob-type beats...

One of the things I like about Master P is how he does hip hop versions of popular songs.. It's not as blatant as Puffy...because Master P clearly has his own flava throughout the song.. Incidently 'remaking' old songs is not a new thing.. It's always been done within hip hop.. Artists have long flipped the script on popular tunes..

On the Last Don, Master P takes Timex Social Club's 'Thinkin' About You' and remakes it with the help of Mia X...Run DMC's classic jam.. 'Dumb Girl' becomes 'Thug Girl'.. Snoop Dogg and Mystikal add the finishing touches... The Boys II Men classic 'Say Goodbye' is skillfully redone under the name 'Goodbye To My Homies'.. here Master P pays homage to his slain brother Kevin Miller... 'Ghetto Love' is a remake of a slow, jazzy flavored love song who's name skips me right now.. But it's kinda dope...

Other standout songs include 'Gangsta Bitch' which uses the hook and bassline from 'Diana Ross's 'Love Hangover', 'Snitches' which showcases Snoop Dogg is a compelling track that'll have your head boppin'... My favorite cut on the whole album is 'Make 'Em Say Uuuh #2'.. It's a remix of his current single.. and this version is even more energetic and will undoubtly pack even more dance floors than the original..

Overall, I have to say that The Last Don is a great blues album.. It's bluesy in the sense that Master P really hits home about the ins and outs of his life.. It ain'n no happy album we're listening to.. It captures the moodiness and frustration of urban life... I wouldn't say he glamorizes it..he just gives us the cold reality.. Master P's main theme is surviving in the hood.. But unlike most artists he goes back and forth from rappiun' songs of survival to reflecting on a better way and a better time.. for him and his ppeps.. I didn't get bored with the album.. He changed it up with enough material to keep me interested... Again if you're a Master P fan.. I think this is a good way for him to go out with his last album..I give this joint a B+

Davey D

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