Audio Sedative [lp]...[Correct]

Straight outta LA..Jekill and Jive who are collectively known as Mannish have expanded the definition of LA Hip Hop.. They by no means fit the stereotype of the LA gangsta rapper who wants to do drive bys..They also don't posse any discernable accents that some folks mistakingly refer to as 'country'. Mannish are some tight emcees who will give any freestyler a run for the money. They're the otherside of LA hip hop.. And like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and others..these kids are dope..

I recently had the pleasure of including Mannish on a live jam session on my Friday Night Vibeshow.. These brothers walked in off the street.step into the studio and without even hearing what the band was playing ripped one of the most incredible freestyles...I've ever heard.. Them kids got skillz.

Their album Audio Sedatative is pretty cool... They have some good head bobbin' songs that'll leave most hip hop fans satisfied.. For example..there are cuts like Expect That which was their first single..the slow rolling follow up single Jive U The Mann shows they ain't fake.. Their current single the bass ladden yet jazzy..Tasha's Room may firmly plant them square in the minds of hip hop fans around the country.. Other tracks like War and Mannish make this a solid album...

Overall this lp is nice.. Some of the songs could've had tighter beats..but there ain't no getting around the microphone skills of these kids.. GRADE=B

What do you think of Mannish's new lp?