Mac Mall
'Get Right'..[Relativity]
If ya like Bay Area hip hop with it's slow rollin' funk.. bass ladden ..mob style beats, you'll love the new Mac Mall single 'Get Right'. It's the the absolute bomb...

Mall has been following the Bay Area style in terms of putting forth some insightful lyrics that spit the game of the streets.. The mob style..V-Town [Vallejo] sound he flows over comes courtesey of one of the Bay's hottest producers..Mike Mosley. Next time I see him, I wanna ask if he sampled the bass line from the SOS Band.. It's just a snippet..but the way its been freaked out..I can imagine the SOS Band using such a beat...I may be wrong, but it sure reminds me of them.
The chorus which puts the song over the top is belted out by another hot Bay Area commodity...Lavitty. A lot of folks don't know but this kid can sing... He made all the difference in the new Spice 1 single.. Oh yeah.. I should let you know that Mac Mall is cousin to E-40 who resides across town. hence the hook up with Lavitti... who rolls with the Sick Wid 'It/ Click camp.
And how does Mall do on this track? He flows tight as hell... with lots of flava.. He'll be getting paid in '96.


Davey D..


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