'UNTOUCHABLE' [Relativity]

Mac Mall first caught my attention with that killer verse he ripped on E-40's 'Dusted and Disgusted' last year. After hearing that verse I was convinced he could flow. After hearing him outfreestyle and overshadow peeps like Saafir, Money-B, Harm, Mystic, Clee and others on the Conscious Daughters posse/freestyle track, I admit, Mall is one of the dopest emceez right now in the bay, and along with Celly Cel he continues the legacy of Vallejo's Mob artists.

Mac Mall is from Vallejo's Crestside, and if I'm not mistaken he's the first artist out of the Crestside that got nationwide attention... and he gives props to the Crestside all over the album. What's great about Mall is his tremendous versatility in subject matter- he can be a political rapper on 'Ghetto Stardom', be a straigh G-Rapper on 'Playas Wit Da Choppas' and kick that Too $hort style pimp/mack talk on 'Playa Tip'...

Mall's choice of producers shows that the folks at Relativity know their game- veteran producer Khayree contributes a few tracks, 'Crestside' and ';Let's Get A Telly'- one of the best and bass heavy tracks on the album - 'Young N---a' also str8 bumps. Mob music specialists Tone Capone, Mike Mosley and Kevin Gardner (he showed a lotta talen on Celly Cel's album). Also, Ant Banks show that he still knows how to make Dope Fiend Beats on two tracks. As if this wasn't enough, Mall has Cold 187um producin' a track which features the ever so funky Kokane... to top it all most of the album is mixed by Al Eaton- the final product just includes almost all of the musical styles the West has to offer...

The best lyrical performance in this album is definitely on 'Ghetto Stardom': 'Uncle Sam keeps cursin' me, rather have me in a pin than in a university.. ...'Youngstaz gettin' raised by the TV, got white kids arounf the country wanna be me, and the way they point the fingures ain't even sharp, telivision replaced religion now the gangstaz gods'... what can I say? It don't get better than this.

The only down point in this album is the fact that Mac Mall doesn't bring anything we didn't hear before- the hit single 'Get Right' with Leviti reminds me too much of E-40's 'One Love'... but don't get me wrong, what Mall does isn't original, but it's still crazy phat!!

written by
El Surround

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