If Your An Emcee You Got To Get This Album..
This Is The Bomb Shit

This album is an emcees dream.. I mean we're talking dope lyrics over funky beats for days.. This is the personaification of pure hip hop.. Now before we go on let's backtrack a bit and remind everyone what the Lyricist Lounge is all about..

A few years 1991.. Anthony Marshall and Danny Castro set out to find a home for hip hop. They felt there was no real venue that nurtured and encouraged one to develop their rhyme skillz.. So these two guys established a venue.. The Lyricist Lounge was initially housed in the back of a studio.. Only 25 people could roll through.. Fortunately the concept caught on.. and the LL became a movable club.. Any emcee worth his or her salt would roll through and get down at the Lyricist Lounge... We're talking everyone from Biggie Smallz to Foxy Brown at age 14 rolled through...

A lot of that spirit and energy is captured on this two album set. The first side is hosted by De La Soul.. Disc two is hosted by Kool Keith.. Both sides are filled with smashing songs.. guaranteed to make your head bop.. No doubt.. Dope emcess like Q-Tip, OC, Ras Kass, Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch, KRS-One, Bahamadia and Jurassic 5 are all featured.. And trust me they deliver....These artist compliment all the up and coming artists who are featured like Mos Def, Hazadus, J-Treds, Punch And Words, Mike Zoot, Indelible MCs and Natural Elements to name a select few.

Bottom line if you're an emcee.. If you're into lyrics.. If you seek folks who are saying something on the mic.. pick up this album.. It won't disappoint.. I gotta give this joint an A... straight up!
Reviewed By Davey D

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