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The Luniz Are Making Noise

Thursday June 20 1997

Last night at Oakland's premier underground hip hop spot.. Club Wicked..folks were left with a major surprise.. The event last night was a star studded affair which was to celebrate the album release of Oaktown producer Ant Banks and his new project 'Big Thangs'.. It was also a celebration for D-Shot of the Click and his new lp 'Six Figures'.. Everyone who was anyone was at this event..

So while folks got their groove on and everyone clamored to hang out with Ant Banks and company, Numbskull of the Luniz left folks in an uproar.. He took the stage and let everyone know that the Luniz had just completed their lp entitled 'Lunatik Muzik'.. He told everyone that they even did a song with Redman.. and that their first single is a jam they did with crosstown rival Too Short..Needless to say folks were amped.. Then Numbskull dropped the bomb.. He told folks that he would be turning himself into the police tomorrow.. He never elaborated on exactly what the charges were for... He hinted that he might be away for a while.. and he asked for everyone's support.. Num then asked the dj to play the Luniz hit single 'I Got Five On It'.. and the entire place went berserk... Unfortunately, I still do not know why Numbskull is turning himself in.. There are stories floating around that he had some unanswered warrants..including one that had as part of a group of people who beat up a limo driver about a year and half ago.. Numbskull may have avoided charges because he was chillin' in Los Angeles for the past year.. We wish him look..

Davey D