A Cool Compilation From The Bay Area

Producer/ rapper L-Love if I'm correct hails from Pittsburg, Cali which is about 30 miles east of San Francisco.. It's a place where there's a whole lotta folks.. But they don't often get put on the map.. L-Love has been trying to change that over the past year or so.. He recently dropped a compilation lp entitled 'Styles Of The Bay' which brings together some of household names from around the area..

Most of the lp is pretty cool.. The first track 'You Ain't Knowing' features Bay Area veteran Ant Banks..The slow rolling folk is hypnotizing and seems to fit Ant's raspy voice real well.. The hook which I don't know who sings it.. takes the song over the top..

Celly Cel who is another Pittsburg native who is down with E-40 & The Click comes through with 'Remember Where You Came From' This was featured on Celly's first album.. It's a heartfelt song that warns folks to remember their humble their humble beginnings..

Oakland playa Father Dom weighs in with a cool track called 'Rumors'... Also on point are San Francisco Fillmore factors JT The Bigga Figga and Rappin' 4-Tay who for some reason you rarely hear flowing together.. They getz down on 'Did You Get The Dank'.. Newcomer Wizzayne with the help of Vaughn Mason's 'Bounce Rock Skate' also has a little some'em some 'em to say for the folks willing to listen..

Producer L-Love puts his lyrical two cents in with a song called 'Can't Ruin This'.. I will admit his rhyme style leaves a lot to be desired but his production is cool.... Overall this is a good compilation.. Unlike most L-Love is smart to keep the songs to a minimum.. He doesn't overwhelm you with a whole lot of filler music...He brings on some hard hitters who will help introduce some of the Bay's new comers like Ironic, Wizzayne and Brad Bishop...

I gotta give L-Love much props for sticking with his game plan and forever trying to promote himself and this album.. At Home Records is one of the scores of independent record labels here in the Bay Area... and L-Love and his partners have done a good job consistently trying to stay out there even when doors have been closed on them.. Hopefully these brothas come up in '98.. In the meantime check out this compilation...

Reviewed By
Davey D

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