Dear Readers...

First thing I'd like to say is thanks to all those who have supported The Hip Hop Corner...The site just celebrated it's one year anniversary and we've gone from providing a forum for a few hundred of you to well over 100 thousand... Good looking out.. The purpose of writing this letter is to clear the air about a few things... To start, I wanna apologize for the infrequent updates... Please bear in mind... my outside jobs take up a lot of time...and updating the website is a monumental task.. As you may have come to see I do most of this myself...That includes the coding, programming, writing, managing, and gathering of materials..A year ago I didn't know anything about the internet.. So I've had to learn a whole lot along the way.. Much props to the folks at Eline Productions for housing this site and helping me develop my skillz.

I'm doing all this in addition to distributing a newsletter, being an on air personality and community affairs director for KMEL...Let's not forget,, I also have a personal life... It's a lot to take on... But I love hip hop and so this site will continue on and I will strive to do my best to accomadate you guys.. I've been working on ways to make things more effecient.. And as I learn new techniques and things like that.... I promise the turn around time for the site will improve... But lets look on the bright side.. I ain't asking y'all to pay like AOL :)..

The other thing which has come up is the constant spamming [vandalizing] of the message boards.. With success will come 'playa hatin'.. There's always someone who desires attention.. Folks this is why you must always pay your child support so you won't have a disgruntled problem child who is bent on trying to get us all to wallow in their misery.. I realize the boards are popular features... I 've always believed in not censoring... But in the last couple of weeks a few knuckleheads have crossed the line..

So now we have to do some different things... Over the next couple of weeks we will be issuing passwords.. The only way you'll be able to post is to become of member of this online hip hop community.. Hence I'm asking each of you to email your address and your online name so we can get the ball rolling.. I just wanna make sure we have an environment that's conducive for those who are truly down for hip hop... Also we'll be having a bunch of other goodies coming down the pipe...

Again thanks for your support... If you have any suggestions,desires or needs..please feel free to let me know... and I'll try my best to make sure things are in place... Keep in mind this site is for you guys... So feedback and suggestions are important... Do you want more charts? More reviews? More pictures? More real audio? etc.. Let a brotha know

Stay up and remember no playa hatin in '97

Davey D
January 18 1997

Email for password...
Also email suggestions, feedback and comments to Davey D