Another Wu-Tang type lp..
It suffers from too much filler music

Killer Priest from the extended family of the Wu-Tang Clan is fresh on the scene with a debut album that lets everyone know that he is 'Heavy Mental' ..which by the way is the title of the album... All the elements that you associate with Wu-Tang is defintely there.. I'm talking about the beats.. the all out rhyme flow, etc... Is this album straight rewind material..meaning is a joint that'll continously have your head boppin'.. I can't say for sure.. Like everyone else in this here rap game Killah Priest drops a double lp.. and unfortunately he has a handful of filler songs' which takes away from the album reachin' it's full potential....'

Strong songs include his current single 'One Step' which features Wu-Tang songstress Tekitha... He also comes through with a bangin' song entitled 'Blessed Are Those' . In both these songs Killah puts forth some heartfelt lyrics that touch upon are day to day struggles in life... Of course God is a constant reference.. Killah really lets loose in a song entitled 'B.I.B.L.E.'

However, other songs like 'It's Over', 'Heavy Mental' and 'Mystic City' could use some refining back in the lab.. Although I will admit the Priest is defintely saying something worth listening to.... In conclusin be forwarned..if you get this lp you may find yourself fast forwarding more then you would care to...

Reviewed By Davey D

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