Kam's On A Rampage
But Don't Believe The Hype

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Kam is best known for is Muslim beliefs and his Pro-Black and socially conscious raps.. He's come to be respected and admired both for his political stances as well as for his rappin' skillz.. In a lot of circles he helped legitimize Ice Cube's aligning himself with the Nation Of Islam.. If folks recall Kam came out on Ice Cube's fledging Street Knowledge label..

Unfortunately things went wrong.. According to Kam, he and his folks put a lot of trust in Cube and his business dealings.. Kam explained that as a person coming from the streets he didn't really understand the business.. however, as a Muslim he fully trusted his spiritual brother Ice Cube to act in his best interest.. As far as he was concerned.. Cube was a man who he could fully trust.. Kam in several instances had gotten Cube's back and kept a lot of heat off him...especially after he did the movie Boys In The Hood.. For those who don't know after that movie dropped there were all sorts of gangstas in LA who took Cube's role of the gang banger Dough Boy quite seriously.. Hence they were gunning for him..Kam with his Muslim and street connections kept Cube out of harm's way..

Kam and Cube's falling out came when it became apparent that Cube himself wasn't fully up to speed on his business dealings. Kam felt that as a result he got the serious short end of the stick.. When he tried to get things corrected he felt like Cube was trying to shine him on.. Adding insult to injury Cube started this whole business of being a part of the Westside.. While the rest of the country understood it as being a reference to Cali.. folks within LA knew the hidden double meaning.. Cube being from Compton which is on the West side of Southern Cali was perceived by many as trying to dis folks from East side.. [Watts]. That was also where Kam was from.

Things had moved to what appeared to be an unresolvable point..after one of Kam's partners caught Cube leaving a video shoot and physically confronted him and snatched his chain. Kam later wrote a song called 'Whoop Whoop' which clearly expressed his dissatisfaction and illustrated his side of the things.. There was even a re-enactment of the altercation..

Last month during the Hip Hop Peace Summit called forth by the Nation Of Islam. Kam and Cube sat down and worked out their differences.. Cube pledged to take the steps necessary to right whatever wrongs he had done and Kam let it be known that he had done a song dissin' Cube which was scheduled to drop.. He also wanted to let everyone know that since things were resolved he would let it be known that the song does not reflect his current views.. He would stand alongside Cube and let it be known that the two had unified and this song was to be discounted.. Hence props out to Cube and Kam for setting an example by resolving their conflict..

written by
Davey D..