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The Juice Crew Is Back

Thursday July 3 1997

First off, let me give props to my boy Sway of the Wake Up Show... Today marks his 56th birthday... Ok I lied.. he ain't 56...But he got mad game like some one who's been around for 56 years .. He makes good business descions.. Anyway, the party for Sway starts today in Oakland and will reach new heights next Wednesday when the Wake Up Show Anniversary Tour kicks off in Los Angeles...

On the bill will be the Wu-Tang Clan, Organized Konfusion, The Bay Area's Invisible Scratch Pickles which includes world champion djs like DJ Q-Bert, DJ Appollo DJ Short Kut and Mix Master Mike.. Also on the bill will be West Oakland's Whoridas... The highlight of this tour will be the official reunion of the legendary Juice Crew... Veteren dj Marley Marl has been linking up with the Sway & King Tech Wake Up Show for almost a month.. He and Pete Rock have a underground set called Pirate Radio. Basically Marley has a ISDN line hooked up in his studio.. and he's been patching in with Sway & Tech for the last hour of their show...and thus has been heard all over the world..For those unfamiliar with the Juice Crew..., Marley Marl has managed to bring together Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante and Masta Ace to perform their classic jam 'The Symphony'..Things should be off the hook..

Next week's concert will take place at the Palladium Nite Club in Los Angeles and is scheduled to hit several cities including, Chicago, Las Vegas, The Virgin Islands and San Francisco.. For more info..folks can call the Wake Up Show hotline at 818-258-2274

Davey D