Ruff House

Left Me Disappointed..And Scratching My Head
Too Many Filler Songs-Only About 4 Songs Hit.

This album left me unfulfilled.. I expected a lot more from John Forte.. At first I thought I had listened to this album Poly Sci on a bad day.. So I gave it a rest and came back a week later and played it nice and loud on my stereo.. Again I can only find three or four songs that really grab me.. Those songs are; 'God Is Love God Is War','P.B.E.', 'Ninety Nine [Flash The Message]' and 'Madina Passage' which is off the hook.. The rest of the tracks.. are just ok.. I just couldn't get with this joint..

I think the main problem here is that I expected a lot more from John Forte.. After all, he's coming out the whole Refugee Camp with Wyclef, Lauryn Hill and Pras.. he kinda has some big shoes to fill.. he unfortunately doesn't succeed in doing that..Then I had to ask myself the question would I be checkin' for this kid.. if he wasn't attached to Wyclef and company..? Not really,..I think he needs more development in terms of his music.. His voice and delivery can grow weary after a while.. There's nothing really unique or special about him as an artist.. hence he needs some really tight songs that keep him in the game.. Unfortunately Poly Sci doesn't have the material.. I give this effort a C

Reviewed By Davey D

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