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Jungle Brothers
Come To The Bay Area

Mike G and Baby Afrika rolled through the Bay Area last week and gave young and old a like a taste of the Jungle Brothers.. Folks who aren't up on them should go back into time a bit and check out the land mark lp 'Straight Out The Jungle' which featured such classic jams as 'Jimbroski', 'Black Is Back' and 'I'll House You'... For some of us old schoolers seeing the JBs was nice.. They came through and showed their support for this huge Peace Walk that was taking place in San Francisco.. Although they weren't scheduled they got on stage and rocked a few of their classic jams... The several thousand people in attendance absolutely loved it.. The next morning they rolled through KMEL radio and took part in a discussion and celebration on Malcolm X's birthday .. We found a copy of the Ultra Black remix of 'Black Is Back' where they sampled Malcolm X throughout the song...

The pair talked passionately about how and why consciousness hadn't really been a prominent part of today's rap songs. Mike G explained that in the past many artists weren't true to what they were saying.. They complicated matters by coming across too preachy.. Nowadays you do have a lot of consciousness, but the messages are delivered in a more appealing way.. Baby Afrika noted that a lot of kids weren't reared the way that a lot of his peers were raised. He told how when he and his fellow JB members were coming up that they were exposed to images of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King via their parents.. He said a lot of kids who are growing up today don't have parents who will take time and give them that sort of consciousness.. The results of this can often be heard in the music... Currently the JBs are touring the country promoting their new single Brains... which was produced by The Roots. They have a new lp which is scheduled to drop sometime within the next month or so...

Davey D