'Life And Times of S.Carter Vol 3'



Strong album for the Jigga man.. head bopping material. He may really be the king of NY.

Solid album..cool joints strong effort. U can't front on Jay-Z. he definitely delivers. He has an array of commercial/radio songs that carry street credibility. In many ways he has suceeded where his pal Biggie left off. Songs like the go go inspired 'Do It Again' or the Mariah Carey enhanced 'Things That U Do' will no doubt be good for commercial radio. Tracks like 'So Ghetto', 'Watch Me' which features Dr Dre and 'Nymp' will be street anthems.

Jay-Z continues to be experimental with his collaborations as he had in the past which is good. Songs like the Southern inspired 'Big Pimpin' which features UGK is one such track. The 'Snoopy Track' with Juvenile is another collaborative effort.

All in all, Jay-Z delivers a strong album. Its a good bet for your money.. If youre a Jay-Z fan this is definitely for you..Expect him to be a while for awhile..

Davey D

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