'The Dynasty Roc La Familia 2000'


Slamming album.. I got to give this one a 10!

The new Roc-A-Fella album entitled 'The Dynasty Roc La Familia 2000'is an incredible album. I kid you not when I emphatically say this is some next level stuff for Jay-Z and his crew. It is absolutely 100% off the meat rack.. Its incredible. Song after song after song knocks and it becomes apparent that Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegal and Jay Z had been holding back their dopest material until now.

For west coast headz Jay-Z has shown both growth as an artist as well as his appreciation for the love he has gotten out here, especially in the Bay.It is reflected in the music. He uses Bay Area producer Rick Rock on a couple of tracks including the very popular 'Parking Lot Pimpin' which is an authentic Bay Area saying. He also does a nice track with Snoop called 'Get Your Mind Right Mami'.

Other standout joints include 'This Can't Be Life' featuring Scarface and 'Guilty To Proven Innocent' featuring R Kelly. Heads will really enjoy '1-900-Hustler' and 'You, Me, Him and Her'. The track that will really touch a nerve is the emotionally charged 'Where Have You Been'. Here Beanie Sigel rips a heart felt song about a after who has mistreated and abandoned his family.

The Dynasty Roc La Familia 2000' is marked by the fact that you can feel the friendship between the entire click. Most of the songs seem to be coming from the heart. There are no filler tracks and each of the players seem to open themselves up to the audience. The stories they tell are vivid. The music is banging. The only concern was Amil who was noticeably absent. Rumors have been circulating that she is either pregnant or has had a falling out with the Roc-A-Fella squad. In any case the album is off the hook..Jigga takes his craft to the next level. Folks are gonna have a hard time fronting on this album..

Davey D


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