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January '97

Rappin' 4Tay has been in the studio with Rick James... Yes the man who brought us the big time hit 'Super Freak' is back and in effect... Believe it or not the song they did was for Rick's upcoming lp and it has something to do with 'Pimps'.. If memory serves me correctly Mr James will be featured on 4Tay's upcoming project as well...

Saafir The Saucy Nomad is gonna be prominently featured in an upcoming movie being shot here in the Bay called 'Twamps'.. Put together by Oakland's answer to Spike Lee..Mario Babano of Debonair Productions recently got a nice size budget to do a recreation of the old movie classic 'The Warriors'. The word is Saafir will play a gang leader...Also featured in the movie will be two other popular Bay Area artists including SF's African Identity and Vallejo's B-Legit..

Also on the movie tip are Style and Scape One, formerly of the now defunct group Red Black And Green.. This dou as is the case with many Bay Area artist have not limited themselves to just rhyming behind beats.. Scape One has established himself as a dope graf artist and its not unusual to see his work featured on magazine covers, flyers and banners. We even feature some of his work in the Gallery section of the website Davey D's Hip Hop Corner'. Style noted that they are currently working on a couple of screen plays and have in fact generated some serious interest from some very notable people within Hollywood.. I can't give no more details.. But we'll keep you posted as things progress.. because them boys are about to blow up in '97.

The war of words has definitely heated up between former friends.. Ice Cube and B-Real of Cypress Hill... On the lp Temple Of Doom.. Cypress had some unflattering remarks to say about Cube...They accussed him of stealing the hook to one of their songs.. Ironically that's the second time Cube has been accussed of such doings.. A couple of years ago King Sun accussed Cube of stealing the hook for his song 'Wicked'. This resulted in King Sun bumrushing the stage when Cube was performing in New York.

Well, after Cypress did their thing it was only a matter of time before Cube would respond back...This came on the lp 'Westside Connection'. The songs 'Cross 'Em Out And Put A 'K' and 'King Of The Hill' were all out assualts on Cypress... The latter song being the one with the hyper beat and fiercer lyrics...

Cypress immediately retaliated by lifting Cube's beat for King Of The Hill and releasing 'Ice Cube Killer'... As the song nears the end..one of Cypress's rappers stops rhyming and like 2 Pac did on the song 'Hit 'Em Up' just starts calling folks out... From what I gathered the rift may be a bit more then just Cube and B-Real.. But also the East Side and West Side divisions that have sometimes plagued LA's neighborhoods.. Let us hope that these two talented brothers resolve their differences and limited their discontent for one another on wax..

Finally an artist that I think folks should definitely be on the look out for hails from the city of San Mateo which lies between San Francisco and San Jose... Rasco who is produced by Peanut Butter Wolf has succeeded in expanding the Bay Area rap sound.. As his booming Saafir like voice, super tight lyrics and flawless delivery will have folks thinking he's from some place other then the Bay Area.. Nevertheless he's from right here and he certainly made folks proud during his recent performance at Paradise Lounge when he opened up for J-Live.. He definitely set it off and had folks wanting to hear a lot more material.. He's just released a hype track called 'Unassisted' b/w 'Hip Hop Essentials'.. People may wanna be on the look out for it...

written by Davey D jan'97

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