No Limit

Straight Rewind Material Here For The Master P Fan

If you like that southern fried funk made famous by Master P and his No Limit Army, then this lp which is the soundtrack to the movie 'I Got The Hook Up' is without a doubt the album for you... Simply put, Master P and his crew are 'bout it 'bout it.. I Got The Hook Up features 21 tracks and a lethal conglomeration of artists who are set to give you what you like...

Bones Thugs N Harmony along with No Limit's Silk The Shocker set the tone with a boomin' opening song entitled 'Hook It Up'.. Ice Cube follows it up with a piano ladden track called 'Ghetto Vet'...Other artists like the newly inducted No Limit soldier Snoop Doggy Dogg drop lyrical bombs on a cut like 'Hooked'. Suave House's Eight Ball & MJG hit hard with a cut called 'Let's Ride'. East coast playas, Jay-Z and Suace Money bring the noise with a smooth out track entitled 'What The Game Made Me'. Wu-Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard, who is now known as Big Baby Jesus comes with rockish hip hop like contribution called 'Who Rock This'. Props to other artists like UGK, Mack 10 and and singer Montel Jordan for delivering stellar performances. Master P 's No Limit Family members which include C-Murder, Mystikal, Kane & Abel, Souljah Slim, Mr Serv-On and the Bay Area's Steady Mobbin all drop songs that'll have your ride bumpin'..

Now I can't say for sure if this album is gonna appeal to kids who are checkin' for NY style hip hop... even though Master P is gettin' a lotta airplay in the Big Apple... The beats, the lyrics and whole vibe doesn't reflect that scene in any sort of way.. Jay Z & Suace Money's track 'What The Game Made Me' sprinkle a little bit in that direction...However 1 out of 21 songs may not be enough to keep some one with an east coast mindset fully satisfied..But, as I mentioned those of you who like that Master P southern fried flava this album.. is the absolute bomb.. I'm talkin' straight rewind, material here... I got to give this one an A-
Reviewed By Davey D

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