Independence Day
Is All Dat !

Well by now I'm sure almost everyone has seen ID4. With all the hype and attention surrounding this picture how could you not?..... Well I gotta be honest.. I saw the film twice. I enjoyed it better the second time. The special effects are worth the price of the ticket alone... However there were some things I found bothersome.

The first concern has to do with the chase scenes... I really like them, but I wish they were a bit more realistic. I mean how are you gonna have these alien top notch sharp shooters who can shot everyone with reckless abandon, but when it came to Will Smith or the President suddenly their shooting capabilities have disappeared? Think about that...

The second concern involves the love story between Will and his girl and Jeff Goldblum's character and his estranged wife.. Will Smith is funny and I think he could've been given some more lines.. Jeff's love story was a bit soggy... and slowed the pace of the movie.. I wanted to see more aliens and less sad sob love stories...

Finally, I have to speak on this..why is it in every sci-fi movie there are no brothers? We are an extremely sizeable population of the world, yet we were non existent in these sci fi flicks. There was a point in the scene where they showed response teams from all around the world. We saw Russians, Asians everyone.. but no Black folks.. We saw some Africans running with spears at the end of the flick.. What is up with the constant stereotyping?
... I'm glad Will Smith was in there.. but what was up with his girl being a strip tease dancer? Why was she working and doing her thing at a time when the aliens were invading? This brings us back to that reality thing again.. If you were a dancer and a huge space ship was eclipsing your city would you be at a strip joint showing your ass and dancing? I don't think so... I hate when Hollywood does stupid stuff like that.. They severly underestimate our intelligence..

Overall Independence Day was exciting.. The special effects were awesome. Again I wish they showed the aliens more.. and I wish the chase scenes weren't so far fetched. .. Big ups to Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum for their roles..

Davey D
What did you think of Independence Day?

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