Ice T's seventh album 'Return Of The Real' is a pretty good lp, but not as good as his past works... Ice T's biggest strength is his attention to detail. No matter what you have to say about this brother, when he busts lyrics about pimpin' and hustlin' and other gangsta type of stuff it becomes quite clear that Ice T is the true master...His trade mark voice takes him to the goal line...It becomes painfully apparent after listening to Ice that appears that a whole lot of folks in that genre have a long way to go before they catch up with him.
My criticism of the album is that after following Ice T's career from day one...I feel caught in a time warp. In other words..hip hop has moved on to other levels and I was looking for Ice T to follow suit. What that next plateau is..I can't really say... I think that's what's missing from the album. Ice T is one of those brothers who would always come out with something shocking... He didn't do it on this album...

With the release of his first two singles... 'Pimp Anthem'.. and the slow groovin' reggea-like 'I Must Stand'.. It sounded like Ice was about to come with it..Instead he kinda left me hanging. I was checking for the next 'New Jack Hustler song or another Colors joint or songs that continued upward from the Original Gangsta lp which I thought was dope..

There are some cool songs off the new lp..including the two aforementioned singles...There's a compelling, must listen to song about the music biz called 'The Rap Game's Hijacked' and the very funky 'They Want Me Back In'.

Davey D..