Ice Cube

'The Peace Disc'



Cube returns with funky head noddin' beats. Aside from one or two songs this album is devoid of any socially relevant message... This is a party album guaranteed to make you dance...

If you're looking for Ice Cube 'the Great' to return with an album on par with Amerikkka's Most Wanted, forget it. It ain't going down like that. Cube has moved away from that space. With that being said, understand this is not a bad album. The beats are slamming and Cube delivers some good story tales. I still think Cube has yet to sit down a seriously concentrate on solely doing an album.. What he does is barely scratching the surface in terms of his potential.. If you enjoyed the type of music Cube has delivered over the past 4 years then this album is on par. Most of the songs will get you grooving. Tracks like the cameo inspired 'Gotta Be Insanity' , 'You Can Do It', 'The Gutter Shit' and 'Waitin' Ta Hate' are two examples. There are a couple of tracks like 'Until We Rich' which features Krazie Bone that show Cube's introspective side.. Another cool jam is 'Record Company Pimpin', which talks about the shadiness of the record biz.

The audience will really get off on the return of NWA with the lp's first track called 'Hello'.. This is where you catch glimpses of the old school brilliance of America's Most Dangerous Rap Crew..

Overall Cube delivers a good one, but it ain't extraordinary.. It's clearly an album he could do in his sleep. I'm still waiting for a project that lives up to his colorful names 'Don Mega' and 'Ice Cube The Great'

Davey D


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