September 27 2002

Dear Friend:

During the next few days, Congress will be debating the issue of a war against Iraq and may even take some action on it soon. I believe Members of Congress should hear from the American people before we send our sons and daughters to risk their live, and before we endanger the safety of many more innocent people around the world. For this reason, I am holding a Community Town Hall and Speakout on Iraq to provide an opportunity for the voices of Southern Californians to be heard.

Please join me on Saturday, October 5 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the First Church of God, 9550 Crenshaw Blvd in Inglewood to seek answers to many questions before committing to another war in the Middle East:

Does Iraq pose a significant threat to the U.S.?
Should U.S. invade Iraq, even without international allies?
Will an attack on Iraq make us more or less safe at home?
Should we risk the loss of American men and women?
Should we risk killing thousands of innocent people?
Are there other options besides war?
What impact will increased war budget have on human services for Americans?
Why does Bush want a "preemptive" strike before the U.N. inspectors return to Iraq?

There are many more questions I will pose at the Town Hall. Where do you stand on waging war against Iraq? I look forward to hearing your opinion--pro or con--on October 5.

Please help me spread the word by calling, emailing and faxing this information to your friends and neighbors.

Member of Congress