HIP HOP SLAM BAY AREA TOP 50 (1/28/96) (*=New Release)
1) Askari X "Message To The Black Man" (Slow Motion) 
2) Hobo Junction "E.P." (South Paw)
3) Bay Area Playaz various (Anonymous)
4) West Coast Rhyme Sayrz "The Land Of Pimps & Hoes" (In-A-Minute) 
*5) Conscious Daughters "Gamers" 12' (Priority) 
*6) 2Pac "California love" (Death Row)
7) Spice 1 "1990 Sick" (Jive)
*8) Tabb Doe "Reality Check" (Incognito)
9)  The Click "Game Related" (Jive)
10)  The Dangerous Crew various (Dangerous/Jive)

11) Game Related "Soak Game" (Big K)
12)  Souls of Mischief "No Man"s Land" (Jive)
13)  "The Groove Active collection of jazz" Various (Om)
14) JT The Bigga Figga "Dwellin" in the Labb" (Get Low/Priority)
*15) Suga T "Recognize"(Sick Wid It/Jive)   
16) Get Low Playaz (GLP) "What we known fo" (Get Low)
17) Ironic "De Vallejo" (Conspiracy)
*18) Mad Face "Black Attracts Heat" (Corn Field)
19) The M.O.B.B.  "never trust them h*šs" (Bounce)
20)  Return of the DJ various (Bomb)
21)  Silent Cries From The Ghetto/The Soundtrack various (Trigga Happy)
22) "209"s Most Vicious" Various (Treatment Team)
23)Selfish  "Witch Doctor" (Bank On It)
24)  J. Dubb "Game Related" (Relentless)
25) Insane & D-Mack "Lookin" Fo The DOPEMAN" (In It Fo Da Money)
*26) BTP Nation "Elevation of the mind" (BTP)
27)   C-BO "The Best Of C-BO" (AWOL) 
*28) Rappin" 4-Tay "Aint No Playa" (Rag Top/Chrysalis)
*29) Tha Dangla (G-Note)
*30) N.O.H. "Forilla" (demo tape) 

31) Totally Insane "Back Street Life" (In-A-Minute)
32)  Big Shell Productions "Do My Thang"(In The Trunk)
*33)  Dr Octagon (feat Q-Bert)  "Dr Octagonocologyst" (Bulk)
*34) The Solesides Crew Presents (Solesides tape) 
*35) Various "The Dark Side EP" (Tough Street) 
*36) X-Raided "Xorcist" (Black Market) 
*37) DJ Juanito  "A Mover La Colita" (Scotti Bros)   
38) Cold World Hustlers  (Black Market/Priority)
39) BPM "Premediatated" (Sunset/Explicit) 
*40) Ant Banks "Keep "Em Guessin" (Jive)  

41) RBL Posse"s Hitman "Solo Creep" (The Right Way) 
42) Legal Dope  various (Priority)
*43) Tha Fast 1  (G-Note)
44)  Crack MC "Rock Star"  (demo tape)
45)  Various Blends demo tape
*46) M.C. J demo tape (Sony Music Studios)
47) Pizo  "Rollin" A Drop" (DTE/Black Market)
49)  Underground Rebellion "A-1Immaculate Funktism" (Treasure Line)
50)  XPM "City Limits" (demo tape)
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