This movie is 3 hours and 10 minutes long, however, time goes by while watching this flick. The teaming of Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino is dope. The frilm is your typical cops and robbers story in an urban setting. Pacino is the embattled cop who is totally comitted to getting his man. DeNiro is the smooth always a step ahead masterminding criminal.

The reason why I stated Heat is made the way a movie should be made is because they took the time to develop the plot. They took the time to let you have emotional attachments to the characters. They weren't one dimensional. You rotted for both Pacino and DeNiro to win. You admired both. You were angered by both. You were frustrated by both. At a time when so many of us demand instant answers and gratification in both are lives as well as entertainment.. you have to ask will folks deal with a 3 hour flick.. I think so and I certainly hope so.

My recommendation... This is perhaps one of the dopest movies of the year.. Bring a date..buy some popcorn and enjoy the flick cause it's all dat.
reviewed by Davey D

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