A solid lp..nothing ground breaking
These guys suffer from lack of image

Hailing from Shaolin..[Staten Island] GP-Wu which consists of Pop The Brown Hornet, Down Low Recka, June Luva and Rubberbands.. put out a solid album.. I'm not quite sure what their connection if anything to the Wu-Tang Clan.. From what I understand, they all grew up aroiund the same hood in Shaolin.. The GP fellas just went in a different direction.. nevertheless when you have a name like 'Wu' in your name, people expect a whole helluva lot.. Does GP-Wu come through?

I think so...There's nothing really ground breaking.. in terms of beats.. It's refreshing not to hear rehashed beats and cheesy remakes of old hit songs.. Lyrically GP-Wu has that NY sound... Their subject matter seems to be centered around street life.. There are some songs that invoke concious messages i.e. their first single 'Black On Black Crime'... Another ripe song is the retrospective, Marvin Gaye like 'Things Ain't What They Used To Be'.. Other strong cuts include.. '1st Things First', 'Hit Me With That Shit' and 'Blow Up'...

Overall, GP-Wu present a solid lp.. They suffer from lack of image.. meaning they just seem like one of many decent groups hailing from NY.. Unless you see their video.. you have no idea as whether they are one or three or four guys.. Each member while consistent doesn't have a niche for themselves that allow you to immediately identify and ride with them.. Yes, I know a lotta folks say it's all about keeping it real and all that.. But the very best within hip hop had always developed a persona for themselves.. Even with Wu-Tang .. you know who all nine members are..and you have a good idea about their personalities.. Those you don't know.. you're curious to know.. I haven't got that from GP-Wu..and I feel I should've after listening to 14 songs.. I should really wanna know who Pop The Brown Hornet is.. I should really wanna know why some one would call themselves Rubberbands.. At a time when the market is over saturated with hip hop groups.. it's important that an act stand out.. especially if their music and sound is not breaking ground in a major way.. With that in mind.. I say GP-Wu has a lotta potential.. I wish them luck and give them props on delivering a solid album..

Reviewed By
Davey D


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