Ghostface Killah

'Supreme Clientele' [Epic]


Dope Album.. He brings back that original Wu Flava Great Beats- Solid lyrics.. It's in there! One of the better lps for 2000

How can anyone in their right mind front on this album. Ghostface brings the heat. He sounds like he's still hungry and determined to make things happen. This no doubt one of the better albums for 2000. Tracks like 'Apollo Kids', 'We Made It', 'Wu Banga' 'Saturday Night', and 'Malcolm' are strong cuts that make this album alone. Ghostface takes it over the top when he drops 'Cherchez Laghost' which is a Wu-Tang remake of the classic 'Savanaugh Band' song of similar name.

Ghostface Hits hard with this album.. Hoipefully he continues the pace...

Davey D

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