Foxy Brown Does A Lackluster Show

December 31 1996

Foxy Brown recently came to the Bay Area to strut her stuff... In fact it was New Year's Eve that she rolled through... It was at the San Jose Civic Auditorium. I didn't peep out the show.. but from what I was told the show was way waaaack. The promoter apparently didn't have his stuff together. The sound system was messed up and a whole lot of rough necks were in the house... The evening was complete with a couple of fights... A dress code was supposed to be in place.. but of course that never happened...

Although our radio station [KMEL] highlighted Foxy Brown as the main attraction it was actually the headline acts B-Legit, E-40 and Kurupt from Tha Dogg Pound who folks came to see.. B-Legit who's album 'The Hemp Museum' is off the 'hizzie' [that means hook in E-40 language] was actually having an album release party. Folks tried to keep things on the 'dl' [down low] and so B-Legit and the rest of his Click family's presence wasn't promoted on air... I don't know how it is in other parts of the world.. But here in the Bay Area there is definitely a lot of concern for violence occurring at some of these rap shows. The train of thought amongst many of the Bay Area's police departments is if you highlight certain acts especially local Bay Area rap acts on the radio it'll attract that 'rowdy element'. Hence a B-Legit album release party and concert was advertised for two straight weeks as a Foxy Brown concert... From what I understand B-Legit and company got busy... But guess what inspite of the precautions that rowdy element did show up... Luckily things didn't get outta hand.

Oh yeah now let me get back to the Foxy Brown.. I don't know if its me.. but folks are constantly fiending over this woman's look... and I gotta be honest.. I'm not moved in the least.. Maybe its because she wears too much black make up..Or perhaps it was her ashy feet when I saw her perform on Show Time At The Apollo television show... But anyway she's a rap artist so I got to judge her for her skillz.. I think she's been a bit over exposed.. which is both good and bad.. Her name is out there and she has quite a bit of commercial viability.. Her being featured on that Toni Braxton cut help set the stage for her own lp 'Ill Na Na' and her current #1 single with Black Street 'Get Me Home'. However, all that exposure has made me grow weary of her delivery and overall presentation.. She's gonna have to change up a bit.. Her lp 'Ill Na Na' is pretty good.. so I'll give her much props on that tip.. Stand out cuts include 'Foxy's Bell',which is based upon LL Cool J's classic hit 'Rock The Bells' 'Letter To The Firm', which uses that melodic break beat made popular by Mary J Blige and Smif & Wessun's underground classic 'I Love You'. Ill Na Na' and 'The Promise' are two other stand out tracks as well as her current single 'I'Il Be' which features Jay-Z. I'll be honest she's gonna have her work cut out for her when she gets ready for lp number two.

Foxy performance at the San Jose Civic was lacking.. Jay Z was with her and that didn't help much.. Her biggest gripe was the lousy sound system.. And while I understand that can definitely kill a show... when hasn't there been a sound problem at a rap show.. Once you reach the status of a Foxy Brown.. I feel it's up to such artists to hire a top notch sound man and only do shows where the system is gonna be right... If not either don't do the show or have a plan b performance in the back drop.. I.e. some hype dancing... or do like Doug E Fresh once did.. Turn off the music and rock the crowd accapella..

written by Davey D 12/3196

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