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Foxy Brown Is Causin' Trouble

Thursday June 26 1997

Hip Hop diva Foxy Brown is back in the news again.. This time the 17 year old rap star has been found guilty of misdemeanor assault charges for spitting at two Raleigh North Carolina hotel clerks last January.

Now because Ms Brown is a diva she had her 30 day sentence suspended. However, she will be paying 500 bucks and doing 89 hours of community service..In addition, she'll have to apologize to the hotel clerks..What's so ironic is that initially that's all the hotel clerks wanted in the first place..an apology..Ms Brown for whatever reason had to bring embarrassing national attention to herself and a court decision to force an apology... Oh well, what can you can say.. Divas will be divas...

Now, adding to all of Foxy's wows is the fact that there are some very strong rumors circulating around about her status within the four man hip hop ensemble called The Firm..This entity gained notoriety when it's members flipped the song 'Affirmative Action' which was featured on Nas's last lp... Here group members, Nas, AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown got seriously busy... As of late there have been some major changes within The Firm.. The first involves Cormega who has been replaced by an emcee who calls himself 'Natural'..Secondly, Foxy Brown is said to be causing a stir because she's in love.. Apparently she doesn't like doing anything without her man..Korupt of Tha Dogg Pound..By the way the two live together in New Jersey..

The problem they are having is that The Firm has been recording tracks in places like LA, Miami and New York.. If for some reason Korupt who is not a member can't make it, then you best count on Ms Brown not to be rolling through.. The latest word is that Ms Brown maybe soon out the group...

Should Foxy Brown somehow be kicked out the group she could possibly hook up with R&B group..Dru Hill.. They just released a booming song which should be a big hit for the summer which is a remake of the classic 'Bad Mamma Jamma'.. The song is off the hook and Ms Brown lives up to her diva status by wreckin' shop.. Trust me once the video is released and this song takes off.. folks will forget about Foxy slappin' some hotel clerks.. and people will go back to remembering The Firm as the name of a movie and not a four man rap group...

Davey D