Davey D,

You wrote:
The whole East/ West Coast war ain't nothing new.. Heck in the 40s during World War II there was an East/West Coast War.. I hate to say it but the West side made the East really bow down when we dropped that atomic bomb on Hiroshima.. We had to let fools know.. . when you come to our town bow down or we'll be bring the ruckus.. Didn't the US beat down a whole bunch of Japanese and send then to internment camps during that whole East/West World War II.. Think about it kid... Ice Cube didn't make all this west side stuff up.. He read his history books.. Props to him for learning his lessons... I'm certain that's why the brother did that song 'Gangstas Make The World Go Round..'. He clearly understood the significant role violence plays in our day to lives..

I realize that what you were attempting was sarcasm in your piece, but ain't nuthin' funny about this part here. My peoples suffered greatly from being wrongly imprisoned during WWII. Man, being in a struggle yourself, you should know better than to make light of other people's misfortune. Because of the struggle of my people, I think I have much more simpathy towards the plight that people of all colors go through. I support my brothas and sistas of all races! I hope you realize there are all kinds of folks who got your back out here, look out for us too! I think a lot of folks didn't even know you were being sarcastic in your piece and they didn't even pick up on the above paragraph being insulting. That's saying something ain't it? Think about it. In my opinion, your mentioning the bombing and imprisonment is not bad, just the way you did it. These are serious topics that people feel strong emotions about and so you've really got to be careful about what you write and the way you write it or people are gonna get upset.


Davey D responds...

There were several letters that came in concerning the paragraph that highlighted the bombing of Hiroshima... For those who were offended first let me apologize... However, my point was to do two things..1-evoke emotion and 2-bring to light this country's hypocrisy.. It wasn't meant to be funny.. sarcasm does not equal funny... I was making a point and bring to light an irony...I wasn't making light of anyone's misfortune..If anyone is responsible for that it's the thousands and millions of people who glorify through movies, articles etc the so called 'heroism of WWII. A good example is former Senator Bob Dole.. Here you had a guy who was very prominent in politics...Remember he ran for President.. Here you had guy a guy who attacked viligently the violence lyrics in hip hop.. yet he proudly lets it be known about his heroic deeds in WW II where we dropped a bomb.. kinda ironic...? Kinda hypocritical? How can he hate violence yet be part of a machinery that was violent itself.. Now folks like him would proudly note that the US was defending itself in WW II... That's true.. then why can't we simply say that rappers are 'reporting' what they see when they put forth such lyrics? I think you all get the point...The bottom line here is that Davey D and his newsletter is not the enemy... May I suggest some pointed letters and commentaries toward those who continue to reward violent behavior in some parts of our society while criticizing it in others.. That would include politicians, television moguls and a host of others who have the power and influence on our culture.. As for Davey D, I am well versed in that shameful chapter of American history where we bombed Japan and put thousands of Japanese Americans in interment camps..

Thanks for your time
Davey D

I peeped your newsletter about those gangsta talk show hosts...then, Oh shit! guess what I saw? I was flippin' through the channels one mornin' and happened to stop on Leeza (NBC). The topic, rap's influence on kids. There were parents on there; some sayin' it did, and others sayin' it's up to the parents to control their kids (ie. they can listen, but the parents need to explain to them that it is only music and not real life). Anyway, guess who was on there? None other than KRS 1; and also Kool Moe Dee? (called a "hip hop superstar"? according to his subtitle on the screen). Aside from the parents arguing back and forth, there was also a rep. from the NAACP who kept gettin' interrupted whenever he opened his mouth. Then when Kris and Dee tried to talk...oh shit, interrupted again. You should've seen it, Leeza was reciting lyrics to songs (blanking out the cusswords of course).

Finally, one topic she kept sayin' was "up next" was that white people in general do not understand or are afraid of rap artists for speaking the truth and because the majority are black. Kris tried to bring up the topic on occasion, and Leeza kept cutting him off sayin' stuff like "that's a good point, and we'll get back to that after this commercial break". They never did get back to it. Another thing, just as it started to get interesting, bam! another commercial break. No matter how much the (white) parents argued on the air, no cut offs; except once when Leeza really wanted to hear what the brother from the NAACP had to say about their program to stop the violence of these "little trouble makers influenced by the music". But, whenever a heated discussion started involving Kris and the parents or Dee and the parents, or either or both of them and the audience, you guessed it, a commercial break.

Keep sendin' me these newsletters. I no longer read the fake ass Source anymore, and that's the only hip hop mag. available in this part of Canada. Your topics are important, unlike the Source who do stories on clothes, hip hop "hoes", and mainstream artists and how they hang out (ie. spend their money on big houses, cars, bud, etc.).


Shawn Cooper
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Davey!

I read your editorial "Do G's Make........" and I made me think about what you really meant and if you in fact was able to get your point across. I live in Europe, and must admit that I am far from being a fan of Americanism, and the only cultural quality products America has come up with are products of the so-called lower class. Jazz!.......... Hip Hop!

Today USA is perhaps the most extreme country in the world, and this is of course also reflected upon in your entertaintment-industry. You critisize talk-show hosts for being founders of violence, or at least for being the sources of inspiration, the place one goes to get psyko. And thereafter you mention rappers rapping about gunz, but they're then only doing this due to the inspiration from Geraldo or Van Damme. But dear Davey, it's like this: some rappers portrait what they see or experience, what their everyday is made of. And often talk-shows are on the same matters. Because this is America. But you can't say that it is the fault of some entertainers, and thereafter excuse other entertainers, as if they only were products of a sick culture. TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT.

Rappers' lyrics are on what is hip. If gansterfilms are shown, of course rappers will rap about gangster, but what should matter was whether they're able to perform their raps with skills. Now that Star Wars is blowing up again, you can count on hundreds of MCs using Star Wars related terms in their lyrics. Why not, it shows that you're up-to-date!

(This is not meant to be all negative, but you know that when you look at a computer, you tend to forget that this is actually a letter to a real person. And I've enjoyed all your news-letters, and always look forward to checking for mail, to see if there is new stuff)

Okay back to the critique. I see what your problem is, but I can't find the parts of the letter where you include your solution. What do you suggest, cencorship? Is this how you want to remove the talk show hosts from the air? I hope not! To forbid some television-shows is even more dangerous to your soceity than even the most demoralizing show itself. Remember, just like guns don't kill people. People do!, someone has to turn on the TV too.

But your right, something is very wrong, and somewhere there is a solution to be found.

Michael Jcden