If you're from the South and into that No Limit/ Cash Money/Pastor Troy sound..This album will be for you..It's Master P times 3 with a drill sergeant twist

Iknew the minute I listened to 19 year old Drama's militaristic hit song 'Left Right left', that this was gonna be abomb ass song for a whole bunch of fans.. Unfortunately I ain't one of them... The best way to describe Drama is to think the No Limit Army concept of Master P and a slightly toned down version of Mystikal, and you have Drama... the beats are bouncy.. The lyrics are chants as opposed to raps. The songs will set off a party in many parts of the country especially a Black Frat gig..But if you're looking for complex lyrics and intricate beats, this ain't the place. I will give Drama props for coming up with a concept and a Hip Hop drill sergeant persona. I'm sorry but this isn't my cup of tea. Stand out cuts are the piano ladden 'Mama, Mama,' which I'm definitely feeling and the energetc 'My Name Is Drama'

Davey D

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