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A Good Album From This Hip Hop Rookie

DMX is one of hip hop's promising new comers..He's shown up on damn near everyone's joints hence his trade mark..growling delivery is well known.. The question that everyone wants answered is whether or not DMX is just the new flava of the month or will his appeal last well beyond his cameo appearances on everyone's songs..?

Upon listening to his debut album 'It's Dark And Hell Is Hot',the answer is 'yes'.. DMX has more then just some fleeting appeal. Solid beats and consistent flows.. makes this lp a keeper..I can't say that DMX has broken some new ground.. But he certainly has put it down in such a way that lets you know he'll be around for a while. One of the things I notice about this album is that this Yonkers, New York native brings forth a universal sound.. DMX comes across in such a way that you can't really tell where he's from.. On some songs he sounds like he could be from the South.. On other tracks.. you'd swear he's from Cali.. Other songs you hear the East Coast flava.. but you're not quite sure if he's from New York or not.. At a time when there's so much regionalism within hip hop-this type of style is important.. It allows DMX to potentially break down barriers and be appealing to all...

This appeal could not happen without DMX having a cauldron of lethal songs.. 'It's Dark And Hell Is Hot'...delivers some standout tracks like the ominous sounding 'X Is Coming', the Wu-Tang like cuts like 'Stop Being Greedy', and 'ATF' will leave you fiendin', for more.. Another hittin' cut is 'Niggaz Done Started Something', which features The Lox and Mase who actually gets off on the rhyme tip.

Overall I think this is a pretty cool album.. It is by no means destined to be a classic or anything like that.. But it's a good showing for this hip hop rookie.. props are deserved..I give it a solid B

Reviewed By Davey D

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