August 11 1996

Hip Hop is around 20 years old... and during its short lifespan it has had some defining moments... Perhaps it was when Rakim dropped 'Eric B For President'... Perhaps it was Eazy E rockin' 'Boyz In The Hood'.. Perhaps it was seeing your first rap video on 'Yo MTV Raps'

For me personally, attending my first Grandmaster Flash party at Bronx High School Of Science in '78 was my most tellin' moment... After hearing all these underground tapes for the past couple of years..to finally see GM FLash and The Furious Four...[There were only 4 emcees back in the days]... forever changed my life.... The thing that stood out most was watching Flash cut the break beat to the song 'Livin' It Up' and hearing Kid Creole drop a dope ass rhyme over it while skillfully using an echo chamber... As for hip hop itself.. When Afrika Bambaataa released Planet Rock... I thought that was defining moment that forever changed hip hop

Whatever the case...please share with us your opinions and thoughts on a couple of hip hop's most impacting..landmark moments. Let us know what was a telling moment for you and let us know what event forever changed hip hop music and culture

EMAIL..What you think was hip hop's
2 most defining moments?

The first defining moment in Hip Hop to me, was around the summer of 82 when a friend of mine from the Bronx brought a tape with GM Flash's "the Message" on it. To all b-boys at the time it was a giant step for lyrics. It was'nt just fat music, it was lyrics that had every body rhyming it and making up our own "message raps".

The second most defining moment was catching a P.E. show when Fight the Power was the anthem. At that time nobody on any coast could front on the message P.E. brought with their music. Since that time nobody has come with a positive message and blown up on both coasts like that. Its hard to single out two moments like that when my experience in the Hip Hop Nation started with "Rappers Delight", but those are probably the ones I remember with the most impact.

Joanna G

The release of FuckTha Police by NWA.. in the gangsta genre anyways


I think Hip Hop's most defining moment was when KRS-One and Scott La Rock hit the music scene. This of course was in the summer of 1984 with the group called Scott La Rock and the Celebrity Three and their album titled "Advance". And a hip hop legend was created.

Intellection (a/k/a Jason Cole)

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