Aesop Rock Chillin' at Radio@AOL in Frisco
Letting Everyone Knows He's Number 1

Bay Area Boss Ballers Jahi of Oakland and
Super producer 'Terrain Boss' Sean T of East Palo Alto
They dropped some serious science on the rap game
during a recent visit to the Radio@AOL Studios

Boston's Akrobatik Chills [center] with
Columbus, Ohio Natives S.A. Smash
As they get Ready to Bust a Rhyme for the
Underground Station at Radio@AOL

The Black Panther of Hip Hop Paris
Chills w/ Bay Area Journalist Billy Jam of
Hip Hop Slam during their visit to the
Friday Night Vibe at 94.1 KPFA in the Bay Area
The Chicago Tribune Recently Voted Paris' album 'Sonic Jihad'
as the 6th Best album of the Year

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