A great gangsta rap lp
Daz takes things to the next level..

This is the way a gangsta rap album should be done.. We're talking tight beats, dope rhymes, nice concept... Daz Dillinger gets off in every step of the way.. He succeeds in providing you with a hype lp that you have no problem bumpin' as loud as you can...

One thing that so called 'gangsta rappers' have been accused of.. is not being able to rhyme.. Well Daz can flow with the best.. He also brings along several of his partners who can also flow.. We're talking Snoop Dog, WC, and his partner Kurupt...BTW The Dogg Pound is not broken up.. Daz and Kurupt are just doing solo projects for now.. The fellas are still tight with each other.

Gangsta rappers are often accused of being one dimensional.. The stereotype is all they do is rap about drive bys.. Daz touches on the subject.. But he also brings in all the other elements one experiences in life.. He touches on everything from the homies in the hood to drama with his baby's mama.. He gives you songs that you can dance to and songs to just chill by... All I can say is that Daz comes off in a major way.. I have no major complaints..

Strong tracks off this lp include; 'It's Going Down' which contains an infectious hook being sung by Prince Ital and some venomous rhymes from Kurupt... 'Playa Partners' is another nice jam featuring the Bay Area's B-Legit.. Also on point is the hard hittin' 'Our Daily Bread'....Right now everyone is grooving to the very funky 'In California' which features new comer.. singer Lady V.. Bay Area fans will be happy to know that Daz gets down with Too Short on a track called 'It Might Sound Crazy'.. He also gets loose with the late 2Pac on a cut called 'Initiated'...

The album has maybe one or two slow moments.. but for the most part you get a whole lotta bang for your buck plus a good representation of west coast gangsta hip hop....

Reviewed By Davey D


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