Their style is getting kinda played
Headz Will Be left Disappointed

When I first heard Das Efx's new single 'Rap Scholar' I thought those 'diggety diggety kids' were back to do major damage.. I liked their flow and I like the heavy ladden bassline which was complimented by riffs from Brick's classic jam 'Dazz'... It seemed like a great start to a dope album.. However, I begin to notice that a lot of headz weren't feeling their first song... I kept hearing remarks like 'Das Efx is played out.. It was true their delivery hadn't deviated much.. They were still flippin' the 'diggety diggety' style that got them known.. I just figured these folks were expecting way too much and being way too critical...

Das Efx's new album 'Generation Efx' is not happening.. It's not happening at all.. especially if you compare it to their first lp which I consider somewhat a classic... Here all the wrong things exist.. First they have weak beats and remakes of old school R&B jams.. like 'Shine' which samples from the overused jam 'Touch Of Love'... This may go on to be a commercial hit.. But it seems a bit contrived... Another track falling into this vain is 'New Stuff' which borrows the bassline from the frequently used Davy DMX classic 'One For The Trouble'...

There are a couple of highlights on Generation EFX like.. 'Set It Off' which brings back to life 'Hip Hop Bepop' from Man Parrish.. I must admit it sounded real good hearing them flow over this classic jam.. This song if positioned right could lead the way for good things to come.. 'Rite Now' samples from the Brothers Johnson's 'Strawberry Letter'..which is pretty dope...

Overall, Das EFX suffers from two things.. a unique style which got them known but doesn't necessarily stand the test of time.. .. Unfortunately when they switch up, what fans they do have heat up on them.. So these fellas are kinda boxed into category... They also suffer from lackadaisical beats.. There ain't a whole lot of excitement on this lp...Finally the fact that these guys had a classic lp which people expect them to duplicate or surpass puts a lot of undue pressure on them.. Anything short of that mark makes them appear like failures... At a time when the rap market is saturated with product Das EFX doesn't shine through like they need to....

Reviewed By Davey D


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