'Skull & Bones'



The original Eastside outlaws Cypress Hill is back with their best album since their first one...Nice beats smoldering rhymes....Some cool rock/heavy metal type songs included..

People have been wondering when Cypress Hill was gonna come back with some rugged material--we're talking about the material that put them on deck back in the days of 'How I Just Kill A Man' . 'Skull & Bones' may be the answer.. Cut after cut after cut hits..Stand out tracks include their current single 'Rap Superstar', 'Certified Bomb', 'Can I Get A Hit' , 'Stank Ass Ho' and 'Another Victory'.

Part of the reason why people thought Cypress Hill fell off was because of their huge alternative audience.. Well, the group flips their album so they don't abandon them. The last 6 songs out of the album's 11 are rock oriented.. Meaning there are some long lasting guitar riffs.. Some headz maynot go for the heavy metal sound while others will love it.. So be warned as to what you're getting if you purchase this lp..

Davey D

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