Conscious Daughters...
'Gamers' lp... [Priority]
The Conscious Daughters' transition from the defunct Scarface Records to Priority definetly landed smoothly cause their last album was cool but this album is fat like whale. The beats and music had my buddies saying 'damn who is this?'. For the folks that like 'turf music' (Delinquents, Seagram, 415) this is something that you should consider looking out for.

The first song 'Strikin' had me hooked. For me it was one of those songs that you keep rewinding until you can simultaneously rap every verse with the artist. Other tracks to listen for are 'Gamers', 'Who Got Da Mic', and 'Widow'.
'Widow' is tight because, for one of the first times, the listener heard a woman's point of view dealing with the pain of losing her man that was in the game..
'Gamers' is a song about coming up and getting men before they get got. The producers of this album get major props cause the beats were phat. This album is way better than a lot of people would expect. This may very well be the album that puts Special One and CMG on the thrones as the queens of Oakland 'turf music'

. Another thing that was above average about this album was the fact that they just didn't stick to the message of getting theirs. They also had a song that educated fools on the subject of AIDS. Last but not least check out 'All star Freestyle'. This song manifests the diversity of freestyling styles that the Bay contains. Locals like C-Funk, Money-B, Father Dom, and Saafir throw down on this cut. If this was that infamous New York magazine this sophomore album would get 10 Mics.

Peace..JR 'Knight Writer' Valrey

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