'GAMERS' [Priority]

The Conscious Daughters (TCD) are back, and they're not saying anything new. Don't get me wrong here, it's not wack, because the new thing is that they are women rappers who're saying those same old thangs. I think it's cool to hear all that 'thug life' shit from a woman's point of view. This really stands out in the track 'Widow' where Special One and CMG talk about their man gettin' smoked and how they revenge. No more docile women in rap.

The music is typical Bay Area swang, produced by some of the Bay's best- Studio Ton who changed the whole concept of making beats in Vallejo, Paris the infamous producer, and the Daughters themselves contribute. Musically, I liked the first album better. While the flowing is way better and the subject matter deeper, you won't find any masterpieces here, only some headnod worth jams.

'Striking', is one of my favorites out of this album and it will be your favorite too. It's a party-gangsta track with West Coast politics- "Strikin', rollin' through my neighborhood, gotta get my cash on, gotta get my dash on.." and so on.

The first single, 'Gamers' ('gamer' is TCD's word for a female playa), is a G-Funky track with some tight bass in it.

I liked the women unity track 'It Don't Stop' which features some unknown female rappers from the Bay and Suga T from The Click. Again, not a brilliant musical production but still tight lyrics.

Also, you might wanna check the freestyle track here, which features all stars- Money B, Saafir, Father Dom, Mac Mall, Clee, C Funk, Mystic and Harm.

It's a long freestyle session, the onle really good ones come from TCD. They don't avoid conscious subjects- 'All Caught Up' is straight about AIDS and all it's about, again, not a masterpiece, but straight up representin'.

written by
El Surround

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