The Chino XL Contest
Hey are some of the rhymes that you guys submitted for the Chino XL contest...
For those who don't recall..American recording artist Chino XL is known for incorporating similes and metaphors in his rhymes. We held a contest a couple of weeks ago asking you to submit your best similes or methaphors..
Chino XL will be judging these rhymes..however, due to a recent death in the camp it'll be about another week before winner is determined..
In the meantime...check out what you guys handed in..and enjoy..

Cause I get more props than a drunken ol man
submitted by Brent Schaeffer

1) I check more chins than Fat Albert.

2) I've got more crack than a 350 pound woman.

3) You're about to be retired like you was on Death Row.

submitted by El Surround

"If rap was public housing you would be evicted"

"Your skills are like Puff the Magic Dragon-nonexistant"

"My styles are like the Stock Exchange-everchanging"

Verses by Baby NewYear & Hollywood of Knights of the RoundTable Prod, Inc.

I gots studio Mobsters stuck like da Freemen of Montana,
Flow gets propas like crips respect they blue bandanas,
Kiss no ass-- copy no style to make some ends and a hit,
Commercial-candy-asses be mo' played out than
Hip-hops got metaphorical giants--simile wizards-- dope track loopers,
But I still can find some humor in it like my name was Mr. Cooper,
Dis emcee's a don, dat emcee's like Gotti--
While they lyrics got mo' holes in it than that Simpson lady's body,
How many times are we gonna hear "Wax like mop and glo?"
Undaground niggaz show "Who's da Man" like Tyson had to show Bruno.

submitted by PaleJames

1. I leave my mark on the mic and light it up with flourescence

2. I kick rhymes on the street like a slumlord does broke tenants

3. ya swear ya style is butta, but I he(a)rd ya cattle

Marc Reid

I tax intellignece so Republicans get mad

Like Van Dam, tried to kick but can't speak

I explode with intelligence like the CIA bombed

submitted by Kevin Lee,

-How can your word be born when I just gave it an abortion?
-My rhymes got more lines than a state road map...
-Niggaz call me Fozzie Bear because they know I'm no joke...

Lata ya'll.

Like Nelson Mandela in captivity, you sit on a cot and play with Jimmy
While I'm that big-dick butler fucking the brains out of Winnie.

"Islam or Judaism?" - that's an unsafe decision,
I'd rather fuck with hip-hop and stay sick [Sikh] like some Indian religion.

submitted by Joon-Mo Ok

1) Do I got styles? 28. While ya easily read like Tampons, clamps on
cramped songs...You get wore like Saigon...

2) Microphone transformer. Combat-a-con like Bruticus. Bust prime
like Optimus..My Xodus makes "Stars-scream"..

3) Techniques like Sp12's, turnin' tables in battles....Freestyle like
Matt Biondi, Olympically rattle...Bound to rip lyrical lacerations in
ya visuals...Biters "Wade In my Waters", then call me "Old negro spiritual"...

submitted by Gerald Wayfer

"Swing New Jack--Effects of Wreck turn blue-black but you knew that
'it was somethin in your eye that told'(sung) you that you grew wack
like michael bivins had 'poison' sumac, just make sure your shoes match"

"i'm in it for dolo, no perry ellis or polo--
cuz i can pull a princess in whack clothes, like han solo"

"light a match under that ass and watch shit spark
i got hits like American Bandstand that are ageless like 'Dick Clark's
Rockin Eve'--so Adam musta been jealous
i ain't goin out gettin stabbed in the back, like Monica Seles"

submitted by BREw

"Put hours into your lyrics but like 14 days they're still 2 week"

"I freak the raps you savour; i'm like Snapple, the best stuff on earth, plus got mad flavor"

"I'm boombastic like Shaggy and Oh!/ not even Carolina could contain my flow"

Andrew Ryall

1. when i wreck a mic my flow's phat like biggie/
interracial like kermit the frog fucking miss piggy

2. i got black hair-brown eyes like that man they call jesus
monkeys are rhesus; tuckers' censorship is worse than ed meese's, i do a silly walk just like john cleese's

3. death row's gone commercial good thing mikey likes it

mat chakko aka dr. funkenstein

I get deep like Bary White Scuba Diving

I'll tag your grill like graffiti

I excel like Chino (hee hee get it?)

I stomp out flames like CO2 and gaybashers

I burn Mics (mikes) like ___________ Washington (the girl Mike tyson raped)

Geoff Robbins

I like a ho who think I can't see her,
Because all my girls got attitude like baboons with gonheria

Damon Johnson

"I gets busy like a phone with no two-way"

Kevin Dudley

Your rhyming is repetitive; far from fascinating
Now you got your hands full like Long Dong Silver masturbating

-- I grab the mic you grab the liquer and though you try to follow
Sandman is seen quicker than Country singers at Apollo

-- I get more respect than Aretha
When I burn shit up like an infected urethra

-- Peace
Mustafa Rakin

I ain't no chicken so you never hear no cluckin/ better get you a big dog
jersey if that ass feels like Buckin!!!

submitted by Wil Paterson

kids be runnin after me like my name was benny hill

submitted by Meri-Rastilan

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