Killa Kali [Jive]

Coming straight outta the V...[Vallejo] Celly Cel is currently the biggest selling artist artist in the Bay Area..His single 'It's Going Down' which samples from Keith Sweat was the song that help set it off. Here in the Bay Area..commercial radio avoided Celly and his single like the plague. However, the repsonse to his song and now album has been so huge that he's busted down the doors and is heard everyday on the regular..

The album Killa Kali is your typical West Coast underground street hit type of lp...Slow moving..Vallejo mob beats.. and rhymes about life in the hustler's lane..I'm not sure if folks from the East will wanna get with this album...but folks here especially those from the hood..can't get enough of it...Standout tracks include.. the socially conscious..Remember Where You Came From, the very funky Can't Tell Me Shit The Bullet and Killa Kali...

Davey D

Killa Kali is off the hook... The music slams and it's definitely something you're gonna wanna peep while driving your ride. Celly got a nice flow and he's talking about the game that all of us know about. What seperates Celly from the rest of the pack is his whole package. He came tight with the beats.. and his raps are hella tight. Fools is gonna be checkjing for this lp for awhile.. He straight represented the V.

Big Tommy Jenkins

I don't understand the appeal... I just don't get it. This album is boring. All he does his talk about hos and drive bys.. and how everyone in California is some sort of a gangsta. Everyone gets shot.. Everyone is a player or hustler.. All this madness must cease... It's getting played out. Celly's flow ain't even tight. He says simple rhymes. He doesn't flip the script.This maybe hip hop..but it's not hip hop like Tribe or Busta or even Hiero who live in the Bay Area.. Yeah, I realize this is the flava that people out here dig and I'll respect that..But too me, this lp is kind of weak.

L'il Chris Barnes..