At long last Wu-Tang's 10th members drops an lp
He doesn't quite deliver all the goods
The album has no noticeable concept

At long last Cappadonna who is often considered the 10th member of the Wu-Tang Clan drops his solo project.. Folks have been fiendin' for this for some time..especially after hearing him get busy on so many other projects.. So now the question is.. 'Does Cappadonna deliver?'...

Well I gotta be honest and say 'not really'.. He starts off with some pretty strong cuts on this 16 song lp... 'Slang Editorial', 'Pillage' and 'Run' are good starts... They are also the 12" singles he teased us with prior to this albums release.. He has an excellent follow up with the song 'Blood On Blood War'.. His flow his tight.. the Wu-Tang sound is present...and things look to be all good...Then afterwards the album goes down hill...

'The Pillage' suffers from too many filler songs and lack of concept from an artist like Cappadonna who you would expect that from... Maybe it's me and I just don't 'get it'... But I honestly expected Cap to bring more thunder...Nowadays you have to either have an album that is filled with strong songs...or a dope ass concept or theme that you can get into.. I found myself not really caring what song was what... It was all a blur... and I wanted so desperately not to have that happen with Cappadonna... A lot of this has to do with the beats...

Now some may say I'm being too harsh with Cappadonna... After all this is his first lp.. However, he came out on top because he's rolling with The Wu,, hence I expect a whole lot more from him... He unfortunately doesn't deliver although the talent and potential is there... The boy can flow...and get down.. He just didn't take things to the next level... and I really needed him to do that...Strong songs include 'MCF','Young Hearts','Black Boy' and 'Everything Is Everything'

Reviewed By Davey D


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